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Audits are Hard Work-But They Often Uncover Exciting Opportunities.

Audits—Highest Level of Assurance

All public companies and some nonpublic entities are required to undergo an annual audit-a time-consuming and costly process. To move your business forward, however, you need to understand where you've been and where your company may be going, and audits provide this information. Boasting highly competitive rates, the latest software and over 500 clients, Polk Group is perfectly positioned to fulfill your audit needs with personal service. Our CPAs objectively examine and evaluate the activities of your business to not only help you avoid interest, penalties and investigations, but also make performance-improving decisions to expand your business.

A Polk Group audit includes planning, fieldwork and concluding phases, each requiring many interim tasks. You receive the highest level of assurance because we go outside your company to obtain critical information from your customers, banks, vendors and attorneys. Our exhaustive process includes physical inspections of your operating cycles, risk assessments and more. Audits let you:

  • Satisfy stakeholders (employees, customers, investors and others) as to the credibility of published information;
  • Facilitate timely tax payments;
  • Comply with banking covenants; and
  • Help deter and detect material fraud and error.

Once the audit is complete we issue a highly detailed financial statement that illuminates areas for process improvement and opportunities for growth.

Benefit from the most effective advice about asset allocation, investment strategies, insurance & trusts

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James Polk

CPA, Managing Member

James A. Polk, CPA, Managing Member, has more than 40 years of accounting experience in Georgia and Kentucky. After building a 35-professional practice in west Kentucky, he moved to Atlanta in 1985. He established his solo Atlanta practice in 1990 after serving as treasurer and CFO for a multi-state company.

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