Big-Firm Expertise Delivered by Your own Personal Advisor

Tax Planning

It’s your job to grow your business. It’s our job to deliver proactive, year-round tax planning strategies to maximize your profits. We keep up with regulatory changes and ensure that you reduce taxable income, claim available tax credits and more. Your personal Polk Group advisor’s expertise and use of leading-edge technology helps you to continually set short and long-term tax planning goals.

Tax Return Preparation

Polk Group’s holistic approach goes far beyond sitting down with you once a year. Your personal advisor bases your final tax return on a comprehensive business audit to ensure that you’ll meet compliance requirements and take advantage of every advantageous tax law.

IRS Audit Representation

When you partner with Polk Group, a potentially stress-inducing IRS audit is just another day at the office. Our intimate knowledge of your business lets us prepare you for audits and appeals conferences with utter confidence.


We maintain required records and prepare federal and state payroll returns to guarantee legal compliance.

Polk Group also offers a full range of accounting services for your business

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James Polk

CPA, Managing Member

James A. Polk, CPA, Managing Member, has more than 40 years of accounting experience in Georgia and Kentucky. After building a 35-professional practice in west Kentucky, he moved to Atlanta in 1985. He established his solo Atlanta practice in 1990 after serving as treasurer and CFO for a multi-state company.

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